Ser Amethyst Dragon - if you still reside in this lair :)


I of course am updating my new EE game with all your wonderful creations.

I loaded Spell and Feat colorization’s into my OR folder and I am happier once again.

I am closely reviewing your weapons reforged.


IIRC in days of Yore - you had a colorization of scrolls as well ? I.e. not vanilla brown scrolls found in game ?

I searched using the web site search function - tags under you - but I cannot locate such an override ?

If was included in the spell colorization (version 2 ??) - perhaps I am brain deficient and missed downloading another RAR or zip? I chose to download the version 1 - the “old package” for nostalgia’s sake.

Certainly no rush however if you could point a helpless oldtimer the correct path.

Regards and thank you.

The scroll icons are here. All TAD’s projects (10 pages) are here.


Yes thank you Tarot

Sorry I was not specific (enough ?).

I was looking for ‘generation 1’ Scroll Colorization. I am ‘old school’ :slight_smile: or perhaps just old. I like it the way it was.f

After I posted - I did filter on “colorized” and note another contributor crediting some work of our friendly large reptile.

Perhaps I can simply use Generation 2 if I must