Series of new short video Tutorials on using the Toolset

When we started using the toolset with a Games Design class in school we used “Fern” as our gold standard for learning the toolset. In some ways it still is. A series of ten videos building towards the same finished product, it covers all bases really well and at the end you have a pretty good finished product. No complaints at all.

However, I’ve just come across a slightly different approach which I think would work very well, if in a slightly different way. @MERP_UK has created a series of short 5 minute videos covering all the basics of designing a module. The explanations are clear, importantly, the video quality itself is excellent - Fern on a whiteboard without blackout conditions in a classroom is not ideal - and one of our major discoveries when we did the toolset with a class was that today’s kids like their instruction on video and short ! (I know . . . )

So, any teacher planning on trying out the toolset with a class should really have a look at these. Not sure if this is the full set or if there will be more added but potentially a great new resource for beginners.


Fyi, there are now 20 videos in this Learn in 5 Minutes series. Always welcoming suggestions for topics to cover.