Server Activity Monitoring

Is there any way (without NWNX) to monitor my servers activity and possibly present it to me in a web format? I’ve seen several examples on other servers pages, but I haven’t been able to determine if it was solely by use of NWNX scripting.

Running NWN EE Standalone server on Windows 10 server.

I’d like to present current Players (Playername and Toon name) and level… Other information if available. Not looking to invent a wheel, just wondering if/where they are.

Without NWNX, the only way you can get data out of your module is through the log files or the bioware DB. Because no one ever wants to deal with those databases, your best option is to periodically iterate through all players in the module, collect info on them in a string then WriteTimestampedLogEntry(info) it in some format that is easy to parse.

Then, write a program/script that runs independent of NWN, reads the file and extracts the info, and displays it however you want.