Server crashes when player logs in character

I am having my server crash when players log in . These players have played these characters for years without any issues. If I try to log them in myself they crash the server as well. I am using a server company to run my server off a remote desktop with nwnx. I have tried to run these characters with another account by putting bic and bak files from them on my own account and I have found that the ones that have issues have no character portrait and cant load on to mod and they crash the server.

if you open the character bic in the gff editor, what is in the Portrait field ?
maybe these characters have custom portraits. if that’s the case, you’ll want to migrate your nwn portraits directory [folder] onto the new server from wherever you were hosting them before, and that should fix the problem. if that’s not it, could you give more info :

  • what o/s is running on the old server ? …on the new one ?
  • try running them again on the old server, if possible. what happens ? do they load correctly ?
  • perhaps the portraits folder was already migrated, but the portraits for these particular characters were corrupted somehow. what happens if you replace their portraits with po_hu_m_99 in the .bic files ?

I have not moved my server I have put up a update of my mod but its been running for weeks with no issues . I have had the same host for my server for years.

i don’t have enough info to help you. it may not even be a portrait issue.
are these custom portraits ? if you open the character bic in the gff editor, what is in the Portrait field ? what happens if you replace whatever is there with po_hu_m_99 ?

if this field contains valid information, it’s likely the problem has nothing to do with portraits. there are other things we can try, but w/o more info about what’s going on, we’re just shooting in the dark.

Well I think I fixed it by deleting the bic file and changing the bak file to a bic file . This seems to have worked twice so far have a few more players that I want to see if its good when they log in , I have logged them all in on my account and all is good. Thank you for your help and support I am no expert at all of this .

great news ! :slight_smile:
sounds like that’s got it all sorted for you. good luck w/the rest !