Server Crashes

I started out just having server crashes when certain players logged in . Now when I go on server no characters are on my list . I try to make a character and server crashes. At first it was a few players going on then server and it would crash and then they would would log in character and it would be level one with no gear . When I go on now it gives me the screen to make a new character and I have none of my characters off my list . I loaded all the portraits from my file to server file and this changes nothing . I am unable to determine why this is happening. Server now crashes when I put it up and anyone tries to log on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Is this your server? NWN, or NWNEE?
  2. Have you made any changes to your server recently?
  3. Changes to your module, or hak files?
  4. Do you have any new overrides in your NWN directory?
  5. You might want to reinstall your module and hacks on the server side.
  6. Or even reinstall your server in case of data corruption (easy to do).

The day before all this happened I did a windows update . Other than that I don’t think anything had changed.

I’m assuming, of my questions above, that:
1a is true, 1b is false?
2 is no
3 is no
4 is no

I would suggest 5 and/or 6.

You might check the compatibility settings for your server. I’m assuming you’re running in Windows. Something is clearly causing issues with your NWN server. Do you have any logs? How about Windows Event logs for Windows / Application and maybe Windows / System. In case of disk error or failure…

Thank you for help I am looking into this I am running nwn , I have made no changes no new overrides . Everything was running fine then this just happened. I have very little knowledge about the workings of the server , I have made no changes . I did do windows updates the day before this happened. I now have had the windows updated to the latest version . If I log onto the server I have no characters and when I attempt to make a character the server crashes. I will try to find the windows event logs when I get back from work today. Thank you for all your advice I am at my wits end lol.

It seems like my path to my server is messed up . I am using nwnx2 , its almost like its loading the game for offline , the server will load up on the remote desktop but when I log onto the game it shows a screen like your going to make a character when I click on it to make a character the server crashes. It doesn’t give me a choice to pick any of my characters or even show any of my characters. I really am not great with this stuff as it is so I don’t know how to be sure the path is right. I have been trying to contact the old owner for help but I thought to try the vault as well to see if I could find a solution to this mess.

Ah, I’m not too familiar with NWNX, but I might be able to help. Frankly, I would preserve the installation you have, and install fresh if possible. If this is a dedicated install this should be a process of just overwriting the server files from the dedicated nwserver zip.
But always back up your data first, otherwise you could make changes to treat what you think is wrong and make more of a mess.

I’m suspecting it’s a data corruption issue rather than some configuration change since you say you changed nothing…

Thank you for your advice . I am waiting on the old owner of the server he has a lot more time at this than me but I will tell him about your advice this I hope will fix the issue. Thank you all for your help , its great to find people that are willing to help , it shows the nwn world is truly a community .

If you cannot answer the questions @Qlippoth asked you we can’t help you.

I’m trying to set up a server with NWNX myself to convert to NWNXEE.

I suggest you stop everything, literally copy the Neverwinter Nights nwserver directory somewhere else to make a backup, and use the nwserver zip to replace the files in the original folder to be sure they are no longer corrupt, but without looking I don’t know if it’s a file corruption issue, a MySQL issue (if your server uses a database), or something else.

At a minimum you should make a copy of the server vault so peoples characters and progress is saved. If you use a DB, stop MySQL service and just copy the whole XAMPP or MySQL directory. This is all just extra precautions in case the server drive is failing.

If you want me to look leave me a message here in this thread or leave me a private message on the Neverwintervault website with your email address. I’ll actually be home working on NWN stuff Saturday and might have time to remote in to look. Otherwise your best bet is the original owner, since they probably have a backup handy to recover from and might be able to fix it in a few minutes.

If the original owner is also remote, have them check the Windows Event logs to see if there is a hardware related failure ongoing or about to happen showing by write errors to the hard disks.

Lastly, it might be a corrupt database if you use one. Hopefully it’s just a corrupt module or executable.