Server Description Fields -- Is this Still Busted?

What is the max characters allowed in the server description field? It appears to be hardcapped at around 200 characters. While the module descriptions were fixed, the fix does not appear to have been transferred to Server Description (which pulls from the Mod Description). Unless this was the intent, thus my asking. See below:

Does anyone else get this?

Yup. it’s broken. I haven’t tried to edit the field in Diamond, I"ll try and see if it’s a Toolset bug later today.

It’s fine in the toolset. The module description works if you look at in the module list viewer. But for whatever reason this is not translated to the server description.

The question is in what product the bug lays.
Is it an issue with the data being stored in the module? It does not appear so.
Is it s bug in the Diamond Server browser Details window? I doubt it, we’re only talking about it being broken in EE.
Assuming the above is true, that leaves the NWNEE server browser Details window. (Display issue, the data is there, but not being displayed properly.
I’m curious to determine definitively which it is, as I’ve been trying to get my Description to be accurate enough to inform users with the tiny number of characters that currently works. :frowning:

I submitted a bug report to the Beamdog Server Desk. Honestly I’m surprised this hasn’t been reported before. Actually that’s not true. I reported it about a year ago when the Module Descriptions were truncated. I included them both because I thought they were related given it’s the same source and material.

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Thanks for doing that. I didn’t notice until I needed to change the description, and it hadn’t been changed in years and years. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.