Server EXE problem version 75 NWNEE

beirutnwn - Today at 7:56 PM
I just reinstalled the stand alone server exe from beamdog
( the top one that says stable)
STABLE 25MB, sha1: bf1e83fde651b7e5b4babb10eafc4318afee3797 and my mod still wont load on it.
other older mods load fine.
DID they change something that would limit me being able to upload my 64meg old as heck Original CEP -thru- new CEP from loading?
at this point I can only imagine it’s because it’s too big.
let me test something RQ
beirutnwn - Today at 8:07 PM
Yeah what I suspected. the SA server exe wont load Age of Mortals , Yet when I try to load a NEW internet game from home on my player client it plays fine.(edited) Anyone have a idea what is happening?
it was playing fine before the update

I just looked does it matter that my toolset is still version 1.74?
in my 14 years of using the toolset I never looked at what version it was until now.

Ok I fixed it. I must have deleted the cep file from the nwn directory when i cleaned house and neglected to redownload them.
Age of Mortals is back online.