Server Settings to Allow Xbox and Switch Players

A friend of mine picked up the Xbox version of the game and is waiting for the patch that will allow online play. Another friend has the Switch version.

I run a small server, that I’d like to get setup for them and others to play on.

Anyone know what needs to be done in the server settings, so I can get it ready? The module I run is a small PW with no custom content, it’s all basic scripts and what not.

Right now there is absolutely no way. There are only 2 servers that console players can get on. BD implied that there will be a vetting process to allow them to connect to others, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I believe mobile players can simply login as normal.

Only if the server is running v78/8186. Servers running latest v79/8193 are incompatible with Android as it still hasn’t updated. There’s no ETA for that update:

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