Server stopped posting online status?


Just when I thought that the day could not get worse. For some inexplicable reason - my NeverWinter Nights (Not EE) server is not posted Online.
Just the other day it worked fine, with proper updates to ScryList and all that… I haven’t changed anything, the Port Forwarding is there (5100 - 5300) and the IP address associated to Port Forwarding is correct.
Direct connect from NWN won’t work either.
I have disabled the firewall and checked if the host file on System32 contains the proper IP address, everything is the same.
What am I missing? The settings are the same, but the server is silent…

  • Checked the nwnplayer.ini, MPEnabled = 1
  • Checked the Port Forwarding
  • Checked my Internet Connection
  • I have the host file of System32 updated.
  • Running NWNX2 with nwnx_serverlist.dll plugin
  • Tried both Windows XP compatibility and regular Windows 7 mode.
  • Windows 7 were not updated.
  • Haks, tlk and module are the same!