Set Area Property Unexplored

After about 5 yrs from when I last touched a mod (non EE) that has been in progress on and off for the last 15 years or so, I started adding new content recently and for the life of me, I can’t find where you set the area property to unexplored.

Can someone help me find what is probably staring me in the face on one of those tabs?

The area is unexplored by default.

ExploreAreaForPlayer() can be used to show the entire map, or reset it all to unexplored, in a script.

Well that should be simple then. I’ll go back to my area onenter script and see if I am doing anything there.


Depending upon the size of the area, its geography, and the position of the start location, it is possilbe for a good portion (even all) of an area to be explored.

It’s a medium cave area (8x8). I used that function set to False on areaenter and it still showed the area as explored. I’m going to add a larger empty cave area and see what happens.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Does an asterisk * by the tileset name indicate it’s a CEP tileset and if so could that be part of it?

Nevermind, it was the size of the area. Added a larger area with the same tileset and all was good.

Thanks again.

It’s also affected by visibility. If an area is entirely connected by open corridors, with no doors, the game deems that it’s all visible to the player, even where there is no line of sight.

This may be less obvious in larger or external areas, depending on the fog settings.