Set up a server at home with IPv6, need a working solution

Hello folks, got some interesting problem. My server runs on a actual Win 10 Home PC at home. Until now, when my Internet Provider changed the protocol from IPv4 to IPv6, all was cool. But with IPv6 the server is not reachable.
I’ve already got a account at for a static address with IPv6 and IPv4, But that doesn’t seem to fix that problem.

Does someone know a solution for this? Thanks for every comment :wink:

Looks like you will need at the very minimum a network device (router) that will run dual stack. It will run both protocols and route them correctly. No way for either to talk to each other.

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Thank you, I’ve got it working with Skywing’s server plugin for NWNX. It seemed my provider has switched to DS-Lite, so I have IPv6 and IPv4.
Now our correct IPv4 is listed on