Shader Questions

I know next to nothing about the shaders that NwN EE can use. I have vague memories of pixel shaders from way back when but not these. So I have a few questions.

  1. Are they global (i.e. do they apply to the whole module) or can they be used on a per area instance?
  2. Could a shader be used to create a shadow plane effect?
  3. Could a shader be used to create an underwater effect (maybe complete with caustics)?

If it is the second option of Q1 and there is a positive answer to Q2, it opens the possibility to use any area as the shadow plane. Similarly if Q3 is positive it opens up sunken cities etc.

Just a few thoughts.


  1. They can either be global or per object. However, if global, you can still give them parameters based on the area, so it’s functionally as if per-area.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes.

Nwn uses stock GLSL (versions 330 or 120),and there’s thousands of good online tutorials for GLSL. You’re better off following those than any partial community made thing for nwn. Once you know glsl in general, it’ll take 15 minutes to understand the nwn specific bits.