Shadows on CC, to use or not to use

So the other day I was on discord and a person said they would never use shadows in NWN as long as they are cpu bound. Most of the models I have ported have shadows right now. So I’m trying to get feedback on why it is ok/not ok, or why you should/should not use them or even why anyone will/will not use them. So far I did not see massive drops in fps due to shadows on the models, but this may be because I have not made huge areas with thousands of placeables in them.

From a somewhat philistine storyteller’s point of view, shadows aren’t especially necessary, and may even spoil immersion if they’re ugly or too conspicuous.

I used to have a lot of trouble with how they appear in game (but not with lag, at all). The problems seem to have diminished over time, possibly due to graphics card improvements or better settings.

With no disrespect to those content makers who labour long and hard to make their shadows a wonderment, of course.