Shayan subrace system - help?

Hello again, sorry to bother you all again…

As I am working on my module (that will have a Elder Scrolls theme) I decided to get into the races of tamriel/nirn. As the races are hardcoded into the game I figured that the best way to fix this is to get it all setup via a subrace system.

So I installed

as it came highly recommended. So now I fear I cannot find any documentation about how to add or create your own subraces with this system. I saw the system’s wiki and to be fair it did not explain al that much for me.

So is there a documentation of this or doe anyone have like a simple template script that I could use to copy & alter?

My following question would be how hard it would be to create a check script to make sure the player(s) can only enter the world if they have the proper race?

any help here would be very much appreciated! <3

Races are not hardcoded, at least not in the EE version of nwn. Your home to add/subtract/modify races is the racialtypes.2da file.

where can I find the file? I been looking for the 2da in the 2da source zipfile (using diamond atm) but it is not in there?

In addition is it then also possible to change the races to choose from in character creation?