With the new SHAZAM movie coming out…I was thinking…it would be cool if someone who has the talent could make a Shazam outfit for NWN1 and perhaps a script that when activated by an item in inventory or by saying SHAZAM! in the talk bar… the person would be struck by a bolt of lightning and be equipped with the Shazam outfit…just thinking that would be fun…lol.

I think it would be cool to say “shazam” and transform…but then again the script would allow anyone to transform on the server if they said it…wonder how you could isolate it to only someone carrying only a specific item could transform.

I’ve seen that sort of thing in a mod before. The lightning effects and the polymorph, I think it was a SetCreatureAppearanceType function. You would need a Shazam creature model to turn into but the mechanics sound similar.
The mod is
be warned its adult content and hilarious.
The part you are looking for is where you refuse to pay the prostitute and she turns you into a penguin

Thanks…but I can’t create a model or script that well. But thanks for the suggestion. I thought that maybe someone in community would do that and upload it. That would be very cool.