Short dumb questions

Short and probably dumb questions by a novice. List will grow, I am sure.

How to make my NPCs run? (Solved, thanks @andgalf)

I have a panic situation in a tavern when a fire breaks out. The script cleans out the patrons (Sends them to a waypoint outside). They do it calmly and walk out. How can I make them run?

How to get rid of junk in containers? (Solved, thanks @Mannast)

When I place containers I want them to contain ONLY the stuff that I put in there. How do I get rid of all the random junk the engine puts in (a sword, an armor and a torch in a bookshelf was the highlight of my morning)?

You can write a script using the function ActionMoveToObject. There you can set the character to run.

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Go into your placed containers and remove the OnOpen and OnDestroyed scripts. This just leaves the items in inventory available without creating random treasure (which is what the usual scripts do).


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If you use an container often (i. e. a barrel or a bookshelf) it probably make sense to create a blueprint of it without the scripts.

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