Should we give custom content competitions a shot now?

This is all well and good but have you thought through the consequences? Given that the ccc lasts for just one month and I assume this competition will have a similar time-frame and given that there are still only a small number of builders (nevermind cc builders) that are currently active, I think that the following will happen.

The uptake for the ccc will go down and the uptake for the competition will be low as content makers choose between them. This is because of the amount of time needed to create stuff. Without very careful management one, the other one or both will soon “die” because of this dilution of active builders.

I would therefore say that if you must have a competition in competition with the ccc, at least wait until there are more people around to actually make stuff for both.




I find Tarot_Redhand opinion very close to my own.
To summarize: don’t break what has been working for years…

What we really need in my opinion is a module building competition, with custom content included and perhaps writing/scenario appreciation or any creative things CCC doesn’t cover.

Old Adventure Buiding Challenge (ABC) was not far from the mark but a little too much complexity in the rules probably killed the project i think. Even today, it offers many good lessons for making a stronger module challenge to tap the renewed NWN interest. We could probably rebuild it in a more slimlined form if there is enough interest in the community.


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I did. :thinking: The much-longer-timeframe and one-submission-per-person setup is intended to soft-cap the time drain participating can pose. The proposed timeframe is two-months-building, one-month-reviewing/voting/deciding-on-next-theme. At least every third month, there would be no dragging creators away from the CCC.

But also: “Wait until there are more people to start up events (that entertain and/or involve people)” doesn’t work like that, Tarot. For a present example, take the world cup; we do not argue “Hold the world cup where the fans are” or “There is no point in starting one because fans are strewn all across the globe; wait until they are all in one place”. People go where the event is.

Or - take a cup of sugar, and pour it out in the garden. Entities go where the resources they want are. Compared to the CCC, this setup has a higher chance of attracting participants, and might well lead to an overall increase in created content even if it should reduce participation in the CCC.

Most of us participate in the CCC only when the theme is something we personally want or are interested in - and, TAD’s been regularly very very late with the uploads, so at the moment, the CCC has a major “upload time delay” malus going for it, to boot. The CCC also does not offer a “guaranteed feedback” setup, nor allow specification of one exact item one wants. Compared to the CCC, this is a turn-based request-answering thing, where the person who answered the request best gets to make the next one.

We’ve had quite a few CCCs in which only one or two people ever participated. We have content creators of all types frequently grieving lack of feedback for their efforts. We have people in all sectors who could think of a dozen things they’d like to have, but don’t know how to make themselves.

“It might draw people away from the CCC” is a valid objection, and not one that can ever be completely eradicated, not as long as time and causality dictate that people choose in between actions. :thinking: Everyone will have to judge for themselves whether they consider the benefit worth that risk.

The setup does include modules as a bout theme, and meets the “less complex rules”-objective to boot. It might actually meet your specifications. :thinking: But the “It would stand in competition for people’s time with the CCC” objection does go for a pure module-creation event as well.

As DrA noted earlier, the time-and-effort drain of building a module, as well as the knowledge requirement to participate, are among the highest we’ve got in all fields of NWN content. :thinking: I like the idea of kicking off something that has people modulebuilding, but I’m not so sure it’s necessary to specialize the entire thing on a single field. A broader setup that can bounce the ball from skill requirement to skill requirement strikes me as more able to draw in people from all the “sectors” we’ve got, as well as help people learn the basics of various content creation fields, which would be a massive aid to them in any module-related projects.

Are the rules of the ABC still around somewhere? I’ve only found a dead BSN link, so far. x_x