Showing global ints?

If you’re positive the ga_global_int should have been set and wasn’t, then that could explain why in some cases animations (ga_play_anim) are not played either!
For some reason, the text appears on screen but the ga_ scripts are not fired?

I’m not totally certain. There might have been something else causing this error. The dialogue for this scene was a bit convoluted and even though I double and triple checked, there might have been something I missed. Plus, in this case the player had a Mac, and NWN2 doesn’t seem to work properly on Mac all the time.

Anyway, back to Tsongo…I hope it works out for you now. Keep us posted on your progress with this. It would be interesting to hear if you find out what’s going on.


OK, I can also report that sometimes a conversation can simply become corrupted, especially if you do some copying and pasting of nodes.

I have had a situation where I had to redo a conversation when it went haywire after I did some copying and pasting of nodes. That’s to say it all looked good after the copying and pasting, but it simply failed to work as expected. Therefore, if you can, rewrite the conversation (copy and paste actual text is OK), but avoid copying nodes if possible. Keep to a minimum and test between changes. Even ensure the new conversation version uses a different name when saving it.

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andgalf and 4760… Next test I do I will try to wreck it and test with the script so will report back, maybe because it’s whole conversations missing it’s more noticeable and other things like animations you don’t pick up on. But Lance_Botelle might have solved it… Read on…

Lance_Botelle… This could well be it ! The cursed companion had his whole conversation at the time of the second module ( where the problems occur ) copied and pasted so I could make it a campaign conversation.

He joins at the end of the first mod, has no global ints at that point, then gets more conversation lines later with the global ints, I wrote it as a normal module conversation, copied his first mod conversation on to it at the top, recopied it and moved it to the campaign and deleted the module one. He has no problems after this module when I wrote directly into the campaign conversation so that seems like more evidence to support this.

The first companion ( no issues ) got put in there ( campaign ) from the beginning and the third ( no issues ) got “campaigned” too as soon as she arrived.

A rewrite ( recopy words and new conditions and actions ) could be on the cards and that’s a lot of words ! I’ll also change his conversation bit in the properties to the new name, that’s the easy part.