Sidnet Natale, Khelvar and other heads NWN2

Hey. Anybody knows if the heads of Sidney Natale (and body?) and Khelvar able to be chosed for a playing character? They are the agents from Luskan in the NWN2 OC
PD: what about Torio, Lorne, Garius, Nasher?

I don’t believe they are usable heads.

Sorry for not responding earlier, but I was not there.

You can use a NPC head as a PC head : just rename it

Example you want Torio Claven to be a selectable PC head

1 - find her head in data folder. This one is in NWN2_Models (Note that most NPC head file begin with the letter N
2 - copy the MDB into your override folder. Here you copy the file N_TorioClaven_head01.mdb
3 - rename it to P_HHF_Headxx. If xx is a number between 01 and 10 it will replace an existing head. If xx is >10 you will have a new head. In this case you need also to create a corresponding skeleton. Suppose you want a female head number 15, you copy P_HHF_Skel01.gr2 to your override, and rename it P_HHF_Skel15.gr2
4 - With MDB config open your P_HHF_Headxx.mdb. Go to the N_TorioClaven_head01 tab and in the “Packet name” heading, replace N_torioclaven_head01 by P_HHF_Headxx (xx being the number of your head).
5 - Now go to the N_TorioClaven_Eye01 tab and in the Packet name replace the name by P_HHF_Eye01.
6 - Optionnaly do the same renaming with the tabs finishing by L01 or L02 (it works without renaming them, but may cause some strange things in some rare case)
7 - Save you modifications
8 - That’s done

NOTE : the example works for a human female head. if you want a head from a human male NPC, your head will be named P_HHM_Headxx.mdb, and your skeleton P_HHM_skelxx.gr2.
It should works with non human npc, if you choose the corresponding PC head (dwarf for a dwarf NPC, elfe for an elven NPC, and so on)

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Thank you very much for your detailed and clear answer!!!

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Happy to help!

Note that a NPC head may have its hairs integrated (the head mesh includes hairs). If this is the case some hair styles may give strange results. You can always use a bald hairstyle with such a head.