Silent placed sound resources

Has anyone compiled a list of placed sound effects that do not play in EE? I don’t think there are too many but there are a few. Here are what I know of:

Weather loops

Nature loops

Since no one has responded, I just created a bug report.

They have been moved to the ambient folder. Depending on your version you should find them in either

Beamdog\00829\data\amb\ or Beamdog\00840\data\amb\


Does that mean sounds that are broke for the standard palate blueprints will remain broken?

I tried a couple of the standard palette weather sounds mentioned above. They’re working for me in both the EE toolset and in game.

A recent development release fixed an audio bug in the toolset - ensure you’re up-to-date.

Update should be automatic through Steam as far as I know. Mine says 77.8181. What does your version say? I am getting an access violation with the sludge lake one when I click okay:


The other sounds don’t ever give me this, but they don’t play. There just is no sound.

I have the same release - 77.8181 - but tested on the Beamdog version.

I also have the Steam version - which plays the sounds in game - but since I have both versions installed, it may well be finding the sound files in the Beamdog library (the client merges files from both sources, it seems).

So, in short, if it’s a Steam bug, my test is probably invalid.