Simple_poject_by _XD

Hello everyone.
In this thread I will publish my small projects and links to them to make it easier for you to find them.

released projects


2)project mini-lessons
I know this is a rough tutorial, but I’m sure beginners will find it useful and more descriptive than textbooks.(creating area, interior-exterior,creating quests,transition from 1 location to 2)

channel link

project_1 = module = (status frozen)
project_2 = weapon = several pieces (status in work)
project_3 = cutscenes = (status frozen)
in the future (or maybe not)

How to understand whether I am active or not
everything is just a scale
1 = if I was active on the forum last month or the month before last, then I am most likely active.
2 = if I am not active on the forum for more than 8 months on the forum, then I am not working on projects, and most likely left the site for some reason.