Single Player Difficulty Settings re: PvP

When a player sets the difficulty slider to Normal or Easy, one of the features is “No PvP.” Is that equivalent to the “Party Protected” area setting in the toolset or the “No PvP” setting?

Which takes precedence, the area PvP setting or the difficulty slider?

I suspect that the difficulty slider sets the true “No PvP” and that it takes precedence over the area setting. If this is the case, is there anyway possible to change the difficulty slider to give the player a choice between “No PvP,” “Party Protected,” and “Full PvP”? Or for that matter override it in-game without changing the game difficulty?

As far as I know party protected setting is party-wise No-PvP. That differs ffrom normal No-PvP only by that you can harm anyone else that is not in your party.

In all other factors this is identical to No-PvP. Also there is just single No-PvP mechanic which means that No-PvP from area settings and difficulty settings are identical.

And yes, No-PvP from difficulty will override area settings.