Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh U1-U3

Warm winds!

I’ve just finished my reconstruction of the U1-U3 series I posted a couple of years ago. Much was made broken by some Beamdog updates, other stuff was broken on arrival. I have restored everything, squashed all bugs, updated all haks and tlk files, added more content, direction, flourishes and polishing, and it should now hum like she was meant to. Module and her accoutrements found here

Cheers everyone!


Famous last words? I hope not :smile_cat:


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“Warm winds!” sounds like a warning that you are about to fart.

I know, I know, it’s the cross I must bear. For every fix I make, I introduce a new bug altogether!

You going to put this up on steam workshop? I have few friends who love to give it a try but they are not very good at placing the files in the right spot and I’m not in the mood to go over it for each of them. What would you suggest would be a good party size? I pretty sure I can get a party of 4 people but if a bunch jump on the ban wagon it could go up to like 7 people wanting to play.

That is what Neverwinter Nights Mod Installer Tool - NIT is designed for. When used it will do the placing of all the necessary files automatically. In fact it will even convert the opening and closing movie files from the old (bik) format, to the new (wbm). Also, if the person who’s work you want on Steam’s workshop didn’t get NwN EE from steam I don’t think (I might be wrong here) they are allowed to post to workshop either.


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The only exception to that is if they purchased from Beamdog, receiving a Steam key. They need to activate the Steam version as well as the Beamdog version, put the minimum amount of cash in the Steam wallet ($5 or thereabouts), and use the account that Steam regards as the game owner (not a family member account) …

… or they could just ask a game owner on Steam to post, but note that said third party will have control of the page forever, as no one (not even Valve) seems to be able to transfer ownership or delete the page.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I’m not a Steam person. And I purchased straight from Beamdog in the days of EE’s infancy. I would not be opposed to a third party posting it, provided I could still get a glimpse of comments, feedback and bug reports.

@ShadowM , I think a party of 2-4 would be ideal. A party of 7, however, tends to break things and run roughshod over anything in general. But, it might be a lot of fun that way, too. I’ve certainly DMed multiple parties of 4 through the works, and silently observed a dozen or so more from DM perch on high. Good fun and lots of challenges.