Skybox Error

I’ve recently started piddling with the toolset again, updating my old server to Enhanced Edition. I use my own haks, a lot taken from Q. Including this wonderful skybox, Overcast 1. It still works fine in 1.69, but in EE looks like a glowing horizon. I’m not sure what the problem is, or how to fix it. I’m suspecting shaders though.

Anyone have any ideas?

Morikahn’s skyboxes use a TXI with “blending additive” to inherit their color from whatever is underneath - which, in 1.69 was the fog. I believe that in EE the rendering order was changed so that skyboxes are now rendered before fog. Thus, no color on the skybox.

I found a workaround by making colored variants. Process is simple…

  1. Open the TGA and select the alpha channel.
  2. Invert the alpha channel and bucket paint with black (or fog color).
  3. Invert the alpha channel back and paint with the fog color.
  4. Delete the alpha channel and save.

If you use black in step 2, set the area fog for day/night to black in the toolset.

I just see DDS textures. Same process?

Hey Poet! Nice to see you again. Hope you are well :slight_smile:

Finished my schooling, got my campaign setting written and published, not bad. Good to see you.

Sorry, you need to export the DDS as TGA from NWNExplorer