Skybox haks have stopped working!

I’m on a new iMac running the game natively but using Crossover ( WINE) for the toolset. No problems at all so far. Everything displayed as it should.

In the past I’ve used artful skies and real skies ( +lite) under WINE and no problems.

Today I was mucking about with the toolset and decided to change a sky which is when I discovered the issue. The toolset will only show in its pull down menu the default skyboxes.

Obvious possible reasons? I’ve checked enable skyboxes in game
I’ve made a clean module with the artful skies being the only hak
I’ve checked old modules such as the “Ruby and the Last Unicorn” module I made and not only do the new skies appear in game, they also appear if I open the module in the toolset !!! (That module was made using about two/three patches of the game ago.)

So, to summarise, the toolset can display the new skyboxes, the game can display them perfectly, I can see the new options in older modules in the Customise option in area properties, I haven’t checked any of the default options for area settings ( which might preclude using the new skies?)

… and I’m stumped.

New iMac issue, Crossover issue or game update issue? Or complete stupidity on my part ? (Not to be ruled out summarily) ! :thinking:

Ok, some way there I think. @Tarot_Redhand kindly sent me the updated Beamdog skybox.2da file which only has 6 line entries. On searching for mine it seems I have quite a few more plus a lot of reserved lines. On looking at the artful skies hak which I have been using there is no skybox.2da file contained within it which I had kinda expected to include lines with both Beamdog’s and the extras it was offering.

My tentative conclusion is that somehow my toolset has swapped over and is using only the Beamdog 6 line 2da. Is that possible and how could it ?

The toolset will use the Beamdog skybox.2da unless you provide the module with a custom version (preferably in a hak).

Don’t know why this is missing from Artful Skies.

How are you providing it in old modules? In a top hak, perhaps? CEP?

Solved by @Tarot_Redhand I think. Turns out artful skies is only an override for the original skyboxes in lines 1-6 so a 2da isn’t necessary… I think

Also, my skies weren’t showing up as they weren’t from either artful or real skies. They were from the CSP ! So I think we return to the possibility of stupidity leading to user error :see_no_evil: