Skyboxes and Set File [FIXED]

Just a quick question. I am currently making a module. I am using Senemenelas’ Moonsea and Cormanthor (Trinity) Tilesets. No matter which one I try to use, skyboxes don’t appear to work with either this tileset or sen’s Shadow Plane Exterior Tileset v1.0 tileset. Is there a setting in the set files that could cause this?



Hi Tarot. Just happened to be at my keyboard. Here are the results of the Scottish jury . . . . ( extra full stop, notice - my calling card from now on).

Cormanthor summer trinity tileset with no skybox

Now same scene with Realskies winter clear (?)

Only thing I can think of is if the tile set in question is set to be an interior tileset… Not sure if that prevents skyboxes tho.

Skyboxes work fine for interior tilesets.

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Not sure, Master Redhand. I just fired up Shadow Plane Exterior and just added a skybox at random. Everything appears to be working:

Are you using stable release Toolset (not that dev toolset would cause this, but it’s possible since that’s where the flagging takes place).

Fixed it. Thanks guys. I habitually use the Community Skybox Pack (CSP) v2.1 for the sheer variety of skies available. Turns out I used the wrong CSP_v2_1.hak. Seems that there are actually two haks with identical file names on that project page. One with all the files and one with just the 2da… You can guess which one I was pulling my hair out over. I couldn’t understand why all my skies were plain grey. Don’t know when I acquired the 2da one but it now no longer resides anywhere on my PC.

Here’s a couple of in-game views from the village in the module after the fix -

Still got to do “set dressing” (i.e. placeables, etc.) and populate with the necessary NPCs to bring it to life.


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