Slow load of main page

Is it just me or does the front page of Vault seem to take a really long time to load the first time?


No, it has always been pretty slow for me. OTOH, forums are quick.

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Same for me. Always incredibly slow but the forums quick.

while not zippy, it’s under a second here.

Yes it’s slow for me as well, especially if I’m already logged in.
Been that way since the new forums for me, kinda assumed it was normal at this point.

Sometimes it’s so slow I think I forgot to click on the bookmark!

I ran some web page performance tools and they regularly show load times of around four seconds, although I’m seeing 10-15 second delays. It’s odd then that the forums are nearly instantaneous. If they are located in Europe I’d expect to see some latency just from the distance and number of hops.

Strangely, it’s very slow to load if I use a link from this forum or the old vault site.

However, it loads quickly if I type the home page url into a new tab in my browser.

I normally use this bookmark:

which is fast, but like all other vault pages, the link from there to the home page is very slow indeed.

strange… when i take that link then click on “Home” just under the logo, the homepage loads in little more than a second

/just sayin’

jynxed myself

The homepage still loads okay for me, but any forum page takes ~10 seconds. Has been happening the past few days. It’s as if the forum software is asking its server “is it okay if Firefox does that?” resulting in a laggy/sticky tabpage in FF. Even the caret in [this] editbox gets stuck for a couple of seconds now and then …

appears to have been a Firefox 72.0.1 glitch

updated to .2 and the forum load time is reasonable again …

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I use win10 and have these problems all the time. The Vault some times doesn’t load at all. That is when I finally figured out that I can book mark my own Greenman6220 page it doesn’t seem to happen. I can get to the Vault home page that way. At least I haven’t had the problem yet. Cross my finger and knock on wood.


I do not know if this is where I should report this finding, but access to
is done quite slowly. To be sure, I tried to open the page with 4 different computers which also have different internet providers (at home, at my father’s, at my neighbor’s and at the local library). All the same result.

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Same workaround. I did some research, though:

  1. Slowness appears to be the “waiting to respond at all” rather than “serving content slowly” variety.
  2. It happens (to me) when I’m logged in and only on the main page (wgeting the main page when logged out takes 0.1s)
  3. It appears that Drupal 7 (the Vault’s software) is slowly preparing the response to the request - here it’s almost 18 seconds before even the bare HTML is sent:
  4. After #3 everything is served smoothly, so I’d suspect problems in the Drupal itself or at database connection.
  5. Forum is ran via different software but from the same machine so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue.
Extra info - click.

There is an additional factor contributing to load time of any Vault pages - these two images at the bottom:
They are pulled from 3rd party machine(s) which take time to serve them.


As has been previously mentioned, this has always been the case. Whenever you’re logged in, the page takes a long time to load, but only if you’re logged in. Also, around half past midnight, if you try and access the page while logged in, an error message will appear saying the site is either under maintenance or can’t answer your request, meaning you have to avoid accessing from around 24:20 up to 24:45, seeing as it takes about 15 or 20 minutes to work again. This may vary according to your timezone, of course.

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I confirm, for me it’s around 7:30 every morning I tried.


I new I should have kept my thoughts to my self now I’m having 500 internal server error when I attempt to go to the home page. Even from my own Greenman6220 bookmark.

This is just painful. It’s the slowest load of any of the pages I visit with any regularity, by far. We’re going to be driving away visitors because of the slow load. Isn’t there anything that can be done?


It seems the pattern continues of a slow but acceptable (YMMV) load time of the main home page when not logged in, but painfully slow when logged in, beyond normal internet attention span limits. If anything, it’s gotten worse. I have to agree that people will be turned off by this, and will admit that I visit a lot less than I would otherwise, even though I’m a monthly backer.

On a related note, today I also experienced unusually slow or failed file functions-related response times, when using the new content interface. The text boxes were fine, anything trying to make a connection to database files was not.

Nowadays when visiting the main page, I always do it from a saved bookmark. Then it’s instant. It’s annoying you have to do it like that for sure, but what is one supposed to do…

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