Small city tileset?

wasnt there a city appropriate tileset out there on the vault? it uses the vanilla castle interir textures and were tiny to mid sized rooms that emphasized on tiny rooms.

i completely forget the name of the tileset, so maybe someone can help me with this.

Have you looked at Zerkules facelift hak Wall3t. Hope this helps.

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the tileset im looking for is a stand-alone and not the city interior itself, nor is it the city tileset at all but it uses those (the original/vanilla) textures.

It was displayed to be an appropriate size tileset to the city tileset buildings. Maybe that will help narrow the search. perhaps?

also adds two tiny 1 tile bedrooms


TCC Interiors by The_NWNCCC wow, no wonder i couldnt find it!

that was it, thanks stonehammer. thats alot of help.