✨ Small Village Woes — 20th Anniversary Edition (Hall of Fame Module)

Small Village Woes: 20th Anniversary — Enhanced Edition

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Hello Adventurers!

This fall marks the 20th Anniversary of when the Neverwinter Nights 1 module Small Village Woes was first released to the public.

In Fall 2002, I released the first public beta version of Small Village Woes after hundreds of hours of development. Meant to be a premiere low level entry module suitable to be played over several hours (depending on play-style), it was purposefully designed to use no Hak Paks, and meant to be as accessible as possible to players.

Once released, I had other adventures to attend to, and didn’t resurface in the NWN Community until some time in 2007. It was only then I discovered that Small Village Woes had been met with appreciation from the player community; it had won Reviewer Awards from the previous Neverwinter Vault on IGN, and was inducted into the original NWN Hall of Fame… and I had no idea!

In Fall 2014, 11 years after the previous Small Village Woes public update, I decided to unbreak the module after many years of neglect, and re-release it to the public following several months of fixes and enhancements. It was great fun to reintroduce myself to the module’s world, and present a more polished version of it to the NWN player community.

It’s now been 20 years following the first release, and I’d like to introduce to you a very special 20th Anniversary: Enhanced Edition!

For this release, I’ve taken efforts to create or enhance the following:

  • New Events and Interactions!
  • New Roleplay Dialogue XP Bonuses!
  • New Dialogue Options and Story beats!
  • Streamlined and polished Dialogue!
  • New Area Lighting Module-wide!
  • Hundreds of new Scripts!
  • Dozens of new Placeable Objects!
  • Dozens of new Sound Objects!
  • Polished custom Merchant System!
  • Rebalanced Economy!
  • Rebalanced Loot Systems!
  • Rebalanced Combat!
  • Still uses No Hak Paks ; only Default NWN Resources!
  • …and much more, completely fixed and updated for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition!

Feel free to drop a comment here in these forums, on the Small Village Woes Neverwinter Vault download page, or find me online @GameplayLoop, where I’ll be following up this release with a full playthrough recording.

Thanks for reading!