Smile dammit! smile!

I usually don’t use facial animations, but I do need them this one time.
I noticed animations like “SMILE”, “SMILEBIG”, or “AMUSED” don’t really affect the lips, they just slightly move the eyebrows.
Is there a way to make my character smile? Or at least give him a smirk?
Pls, halp.

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Is there no way you can work the smile into descriptive text?

I feel your pain - the NWN2 cinematics are just so crude that I avoid dealing with them as often as I possibly can.

It’s not for a cutscene - I’m doing a “photoshoot” of the companions so that I can create custom portrait icons for each one of them based on the screenshots. I already made them without the smiling faces, but it’s like… The most cheerful character looks like a serial killer XD

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You can animate them smiling for a single keyframe if nothing is working…
I did mouth animations for… ehm… something else.

Make sure the head you are working with is flagged as a cinematic head or the face bones don’t take. (If the eyes ect are moving, maybe it’s a bad weight paint?)

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You realise I now have to ask you what did you use the animation for? XD

I tried moving the lips with 3ds but it’s no use. I can roll the eyes, tilt the head, but the lips don’t react to any movement. And all the heads ARE flagged for cutscenes.

Perhaps try a cut scene conversation, giving the target a smile facial animation and setting the delay to long enough that you can do a screen capture?

Bruh… This is exactly what I’ve been doing. Read the first post :wink:

I read that you’re playing an animation, which to me means PlayCustomAnimation. But thanks for clarifying, bruh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Chill :wink: Still, the problem remains unsolved. The facial animations DON’T affect the lips no matter what. Not for my custom heads, not for standard heads.
NWN2 faces are lifeless :-/

Checking the ‘PlayCustomAnimation’ names, I would guess it is the EMO_smile or EMO_smilebig files. Guess I’d try checking if there is a matching gr2 file, then fiddle with slowing the animation speed way down.

But yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if it didn’t work.

I tested it on vanilla heads with p_hhm skeletons so there was no matching error. I was calling for the animations from conversation’s standard “Animations” tab and like I said - it works for eyebrows only.
I’ll try PlayCustomAnimation…

Well what do you know… it actually worked XD at least for the vanilla p_hhm head :smiley: I’ll test my custom heads now

Ok - it works, but I’m gonna stick with the serious faces… The smiling animations in this game are a joke. They make my characters look like they have a severe case of tetanus…


Sometimes I think there’s no pleasing some people… :sunglasses:


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Depends on the head… Xaltar’s heads are rigged for full lip movement with teeth / tongue meshes behind the lips.It’s not Skyrim… but you can get normal looking facial animations if you try.

The vanilla stuff is a wash though - was mostly meant for lip flapping in cinematics and that’s about it…

such an effort for a little smile. why don’t you simply take a screenshot and manipulate it with an image editing software? if it’s just for a small portrait it doesn’t even have to be perfect.

I think if you put happy eyebrows and sad mouth it will look like a smile, and sad eyebrows and happy mouth and it will look like a sadface. Dogs are mans best friend for a reason and that reason is they have eyebrows which allow them to manipulate us.

People don’t smile with mouths; they smile with their eyes and the developers probably knew this and also knew they had a deadline.

I must confess to wondering if Trinitals mouth animinations were for cuban-type cigars or Monica Lewinsky-type cigars.

hmph! Speak for yourself Semper! <3

Maybe if you throw on a GIMP ‘Oilify’ filter, it’ll look more decent? A little artistic smearing can hide a multitude of flaws.