Smite Evil

Does anyone have any more details about the way Smite Evil targets a foe?

I note it appears setup differently from other spell like abilities … and I was wondering what was the governing factor that allowed it to target neutral creatures, even though it is listed as a hostile “spell” in the spells.2da. i.e. It cannot target “good” creatures, but it does appear to be able to target " neutral" ones.

This appeared against the normal grain and I suspect it is one of the spells.2da UI refs, but any further feedback about the way this feat works is appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I can’t help much, but I know a lot of smite is hard coded.

In the past, I was trying to get Smite Good working with a custom class, but it didn’t work completely correct. If I remember right, the engine would add the charisma modifier to the Attack Roll, but wouldn’t add the custom class level to the damage. I did add the custom class to the smite scripts and they compiled fine… no dice.

The only way I was able to get Smite Good to work was to rename a vanilla class in the. 2da to the new class name, but the original class tag had to remain in place.

Life got busy and I had to abandon my research into sm

Good luck

I did have some luck just running the new smite script with the custom class tag, which added the charisma’s modifier correctly. Next, I added a custom spell script to the weapon for the attack round, which successfully added the custom class level to the damage. The problem was the damage modifier was added to all attacks with the weapon that round.

At the time, I simply had to stop looking into it.



Thanks for the info. I did notice it appeared hard coded, but I was also surprised at even the way it targeted creatures.

From what you say, it also seems to be more work than worthwhile, so I will probably just leave it alone for now then.

Thanks for the feedback!

There were a few prominent folks on these boards who helped to look into it, but, for various reasons, we couldn’t go into Smite very deeply, at the time.

Essentially, you’d be working on it from scratch. I guess the point of my rambling is simply about smite being hard coded.

Sure wish NWN2 could be opened up like Beamdog opened up NWN1. I wonder who still has the code. Even if we couldn’t fix it, it would be nice to look into how Obsidian thought and went about things.



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Its been years since I looked under the hood of NWN 2 but, iirc, Smite Evil functions the same as it does in NWN1.

Assuming that’s the case, you’ll want to look at spells.2da line 315. Even though in NWN1, the spellID is no longer linked to the featID (feat.2da line 301), its possible the hardcoding is still taking its targeting parameters from the line in spells.2da.

In NWN1, spells.2da also calls the script nw_s2_smiteevil, which is essentially an empty script. Seeing as they were once linked, I’d be willing to bet that relinking them would override the current behavior by the game engine, be it NWN1 or NWN2.