So is there still interest in new modules?

Old modules (and new ones developed using 1.69) generally work fine with EE, as @pscythe says.

I’m still developing in 1.69 (for now) but publishing on both Steam and the Vault.

You do need to test your module with EE (or get a friend to do so) as a few have issues, but so far I haven’t heard of a problem that can’t be fixed using 1.69.

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I want to add, that there is also HUGE interest in creating modules.

Back in 2002 when NWN came out, module building (or content creation) was neither common nor widespread and the Aurora Toolset was the very first AAA game editor that provided the whole range of CC tools.

If we look at the Nexus where 1000ds and 1000ds of community created content for nearly every moddable RPG (and others) is uploaded on a daily bases, I have no doubt, that modders as well as players will give NWN another try now it’s revived and on Steam.


Well, as a player of your modules I would say “Yes, I’m interested!”


New modules are something that I am waiting for. Just only take a look on a game like EVE Online where there is a lot of paths of play. Impossible to do everything.


From me, definitely! I’m always on the lookout for new modules to play, exploring interesting stories, meeting unique characters, and challenging combat.

Wait, Chris Huntoon? Your modules, especially Halo of Flies and Shadow From a Soul on Fire are superb! I would love to see what new ideas you have in store!


Thank you. That’s nice of you to say.

I do have a few different ideas for modules I’d like to start working on. And I have started to refamiliarize myself with the toolset. Unfortunately, there is a lot I’ve forgotten - especially when it comes to scripting. So don’t expect anything from me too soon.


Certainly, I am still interested in new modules. After all, I have been playing NWN1 for years now, and I’ve not gotten around to NWN2 yet…

I like to play a character up to the highest level I can possibly take them to, and I really develop an attachment to them, so new adventures for my character are eagerly sought after.

Any new modules are always welcome as far as I am concerned, it is good to keep the game alive, and fresh, after all these years.


@hartunga I’d love to play some new single modules. Especially those made by “Chris Huntoon” :smirk:


Thanks. Just to give everyone an update - I am working on about 5 different modules. I know that just means they all take longer to finish - but that’s the way I’m used to working.

The first one is pretty much just a simple, linear, hack & slash to help me refamiliarize myself with the toolset. I hope to get that one out sometime soon after the new year.

But I’m also working on some horror theme modules. Those were always popular and made the Hall of Fame. So I’m hoping players will like these new ones too.


Well met.

Hartunga, there is always great interest in new modules. Especially ones of your high quality. And if you have five in development, then our anticipation is five-fold. Sorry to hear about the break in.

Currently working my way through Harpers Tale. In story two, keep your cash and resist the temptation to spend it, you will need it.

Phyte. My heart has been locked for as long as can I remember.
Sharwyn. Done and done.

This thread was brought to my attention via an act of necromancy, so I don’t know if there’s still a soul in it or whether it should have stayed buried, but …

As for me, I explicitly check the Vault for new modules from time to time, and even though I took a long hiatus from playing NWN I was recently drawn into it again, so the chances of me playing freshly released modules have increased.

I don’t play everything that’s released though, it needs to catch my attention when I’m browsing the list. In the OP’s case I’d probably be curious already because I recognize the name Chris Huntoon from having played some of their modules in the past. In general though, I think, the presentation of the Vault page for the module shouldn’t be underestimated. My observation is that authors who care a lot about their work and release very polished and meticulously crafted modules also set store in making the Vault page as informative and nice looking as possible. If there are no screenshots and the information on the page is extremely basic, just a couple of trivial sentences, I’m likely to give the module a pass, expecting it to be just as bland and basic. Likewise, if there are walls of text to read through, I give it a pass because I expect the module to be just as verbose and not on point.

So there is still some interest in new modules and the fact that a module is freshly released can work to its advantage and draw attention to it, but it needs to stand out somewhat and lure players in with a nice presentation as well, I think.


Thank you for the continued interest.

I hard originally planned to release my first new module back around the beginning of the year. But then the demands of the Real World reared their ugly head - and I haven’t even been able to touch a module in months.

Fortunately, thing seems to have finally calm down and I’ve started working back on them. I’ve put so much time and effort into them already, it would be a shame if they were never completed and published.


Looking forward to the results! I just saw your name mentioned in the YouTube comments section for a Neverwinter Nights retrospective. So not only is there demand for more (as the replies here attest to), but your older modules are still remembered fondly.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m still plugging away at working on the new modules - and the Real World still continues to be a stumbling block.

I’m currently working on six different new modules. That’s just my process. Doing something on one module sets off an idea that would fit in on another module. And so I bounce around from one module to the next until they eventually all get finished.

I’m hoping to have my first module published by year end. It is titled “The Horror of the Heights” if anyone wants to keep an eye open for it.


After I finish a Mod, I always place a review. I agree, dont know why more people dont take a minute to do this. it really helps the players and creators.


One thing to consider, all the “old timers” really are old timers now with far more responsibilities and obligations outside of the realm of Neverwinter. The game holds a near and dear place for me but I’ve managed to actually look at the Vault one time in the last year or so and play a total of about 3 hours. It is just the nature of the modern world. It isn’t for a lack of desire, simply a lack of opportunity


having said all that dreary stuff I’d still have every intent to play new stuff. I just don’t know when…



Being retired I would play more but I’m neither good enough to survive combat nor clever enough to work out puzzles so my future as a module player would appear to be pretty bleak ! :see_no_evil: