[SOLVED] 1.69 and EE only grant Greater Spell Focus if package is not configured for wizards

In 1.69, if you create a wizard who specializes in a particular school of magic (e.g. necromancy), then your wizard gets the Greater Spell Focus (school of magic) feat for free.

Not in the current build of EE (production or dev).

Is this intentional or an oversight?

Can anyone else confirm this bug (or feature)?

tl;dr UPDATE
Wizard school specialization does NOT grant Greater Spell Focus as a bonus. It never has. It was a spurious assumption held by myself and others.

Reporting: Created two new wizards using Necromancy and Conjuration packages in v77.8181, one in a campaign module, and one in a custom module. Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) and Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration) are present as expected.

Odd. Have you tried removing all mods (in the modification sense rather than the module one X_x), see if there’s maybe anything new altering the packages or feats or class 2das in there somewhere?

If you’re talking about the character creation packages, they don’t grant any free skills or feats. They just choose some feats and or skills for you. I think they’re just 2das that reference feats numbers and such to make your creation/levelup choices.

If you see one character getting more feats than another, make sure they are both the same race. Humans get an extra feat on creation.

I haven’t seen anything in EE that I’d expect to mess with this.


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Overrides were already cleaned out and I’ve tested with both HotU and new modules. Revised weirdness (hence the revised topic):

On versions 1.69, EE production (76.8179) and EE dev (77.8181):

  • If I select the necromancy package and do NOT configure, I get Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy).

  • However, if I configure the necromancy or generalist package, even if taking the recommendations, and selecting the necromancy school, I do NOT get Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy).

  • Same thing for conjuration. Taking the package and NOT configuring it gets Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration), but if I configure the conjuration package or the general package but still select the conjuration school, I do not get Greater Spell Focus (Conjuration).

Not only is this bizarre behavior, but the fact that it happens on 1.69 is very surprising. How did I miss this 10 year old bug?!?

@TheBarbarian - can you try configuring the package and see if you still get Greater Spell Focus? If one other person can confirm this behavior, I’ll report it as a bug.

Have you fulfilled the requirements for taking the Greater Spell Focus feat before getting the recommendations? It requires Spell Focus (school of magic).

Not entirely true. If you select a package (e.g. necromancy or conjuration), then your school specialization matches the package and you are given Greater Spell Focus (school specialization). It is supposed to work that way even if you configure the package or even the generalist package. So long as you pick a school to specialize in, wizards are supposed to get Greater Spell Focus regardless of picking Spell Focus or not.


Mystery solved! Hahahha, it seems obvious but my mistake is based on an ancient assumption now proved to be false:

For years, myself and a number of others (who shall not be named) assumed that specialist wizards automatically got Greater Spell Focus (specialist school).


It turn out that if you accept a package for either wizard or sorcerer (e.g. necromancy) then the package (necromancy) gives your Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) at the cost of 2 feats! Spell Focus (Necromancy) does not appear on the character sheet. The exact same thing happens if you configure any package – Greater Spell Focus overwrites Spell focus!

Therefore, the spell focus feats are completely independent of the wizard school specialization and I no clue whatsoever as to how to check for school specialization in a script.

Ugh!!! Mea culpa, mea culpa. :confounded:

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Yeah, but if you don’t like this behaviour, you can change it easily in feat.2da (the SUCCESSOR column). In NWN2 which uses the same mechanics here they are displayed as two separate feats.

It seems there’s no way to do this without using NWNX.
But this may be fixed in EE someday… In NWN2 we have a special built-in function for it:

// MAP 3/27/2009
// Returns SPELL_SCHOOL_* const for an arcane caster.
int GetCasterClassSpellSchool(object oPC, int nClassPos);

All you need is to draw attention of the EE devs to this problem.


specialist wizards have a bonus (+2) to identifying spells (through spellcraft) from their area of expertise and a penalty (-5) to identifying spells from the opposing school.

^ From nwn.wikia

Whatever the game checks for when adding these bonuses/penalties would be what to check for when scripting?

@Charles - interesting find. I wish I knew how to check for that.