[solved] 3d-modelling artist needed

I’ve a tile with the following configuration (tbm18_c09_01)
tbm18_c09_01.zip (6.6 KB)

w s1

T = tree (at the bottom left and right)
W= water (top left)
S1= Stone, raised to level 1 (top right)

The orientation of the tile is wrong (within the mdl). The tile needs to mirrored horizontally to the following config:

s1 w

Or in other words:

This is what I have (see attachment above):

and this is what I need. (Just mirrored the whole thing horizontally)

How can it be done?

In Gmax you would just use a “mirror” modifier applied to each mesh and check the button for whichever axis you need to mirror. If the origin for each mesh is not set to 0/0/0, you’ll need to use the inverse of the position for whichever axis you mirrored (e.g., if mirroring the X axis and the mesh’s origin is at +100 X, you’ll want to move it to -100 X).

And you’d end up with this…

tbm01_c09_01_mirrored.7z (5.7 KB)

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Very good! My thanks, it fits … exactly.

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Veltools can mirror a whole tile, but no matter if you do it mesh by mesh or all at once, there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: The textures of cliffs or walls und the ground textures including water have to be remapped as well or you will get seams.

Correct, but I’m Iucky. There may be 1000 things why the mirroring don’t fit 100% exact into the other tiles on the left, bit in this case it works.