[SOLVED] Changing the look of a custom cloak

Does anyone know how to change the look of a custom cloak? I just made a custom cloak by copying the blueprint of a cloak of protection in the toolset, but when I equip it on the PC it just shows a boring cloak with a star at the top. There are lots of good looking cloaks that you can access when opening Armor Set on a character and that is also easy to make it show if you just make a custom armor, but now I just want a custom cloak that looks like winter cloak when equipping it. Does anyone know how this is done?

This is not my skill, but maybe taking a look at this set may help you:-


Maybe others can shed more light on actual building you own.

Cheers, Lance.

Thanks Lance. It turned out I was pretty stupid. You can easily change the cloak’s appearance by just going to Armor Set on the cloak. I didn’t see/realize that cloaks also had Armor Set under properties. Rashi pointed it out to me on Discord.

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Ah OK … So you had not tried that yet … :slight_smile:

However, even using that part of the toolset can be troublesome. I have had it crash it a number of times for whatever reason it may have.

Anyway, glad it’s sorted!