[Solved] Did you hear me?

I have a NPC, who shouts his displeasure out into the world. It’s a simple function hooked in the heartbeat, which uses “SpeakString (line, TALKVOLUME_SHOUT)”.

The thing which confuses me a bit is, that the repetive shouting can be “heared” (appears in the message window), after the PC has left the area!

Is there a bug in the engine? Maybe 1.69 only?

From the lexicon:

"TALKVOLUME_SHOUT 2 Sets the text visibility range to long.

"The SHOUT is the same as PC’s shout channel, and is spoken to the entire module in yellow. "

No bug here :slight_smile:

Yeah a “shout” is module wide, and that’s why most PWs will disable it.

Ok, I should rtfm every now and then, really. Thanks!

You can essentially create larger radius “yells” by sending messages to each player in whatever radius you prefer, if that was your intention.

The NPC wants that everybody in the district hears his complaining/ranting.

The solution is actually quite simple. I inserted a check. If the PC is not in the same area, then the heartbeat-event is aborted. I was just wondering, why the shouting could be heard everywhere.