[Solved] Exporting/importing creatures from different modules gives wrong models

I’m trying specifically to export some monsters from Darkness over Daggerford campaign to another module. I exported the final boss and then imported to my module but instead of his devil appearance gives me a horse model. Also, other exported creatures in my module appear as a horse. What I’m doing wrong? (haks and .tlk files from Darkness over Daggerford placed in /documents folder)

From the sounds of it you didn’t merge the appearance.2da file. You need the row from the DoD appearance.2da file that describes the final boss’ and add it to your own appearance.2da.

Thank you. I have managed to make it work. All I needed is to extracted appearance.2da from one of the haks of module and paste into docs/override folder and in toolset it shows new appearances

That might work temporarily, but it sounds like DoD’s appearance.2da doesn’t have all the 1.69 content.

If you ever need any of that, better use 1.69 or EE as a base, then merge the new 2da lines from DoD into unused line numbers. Your imports will show the wrong model until you change the appearance in the toolset.