[SOLVED] Freezing Custom Models when walking in game

Okay so here it goes! So myself and the brightest gnomish minds over at HQ (ie: well its just me really) are secretly working on a new weapon for the steampunk lads over in the frontlines. Some of them have decided to calling it a Walker, but it seems we’ve hit abit of a snag.

I exported the model and everything went smoothly, checking and double checking all the animations for it worked appropriatly, and when loading it into the toolset… success! Our very first, very early work in progress, Mech!

when in the toolset it moves and puffs up smoke and looks around as was intended, this lead me to the second test, an ingame test and thats where the problem began.

Now, im no Enginner so maybe one of you great and bright minds out there can help me knock a few screws and gears loose and figure out whats going on here!

It seems the model will “freeze up” in game, and walks about like a stiff board. might anyone know or have heard of this before and how to fix it?

As excited as I am to announce this part of my project its still got a long ways to go before im happy with it. Ill continue to conduct more testes on my end here and provide updates.

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Oh you know what? I think i just figured out my problem. i went back in to look at the model and some animations are missing on the feet :sweat_smile: If that is the issue ill report back!

Edit: okay nope that wasnt it. drats!

Others will know far more than me, but are you using an invisible model + tail by any chance? That will fail to animate in game unless the model types match (e.g. both appearance and tail are model type L).

Otherwise, did you check that all your nodes have exactly the standard names expected in game? A typo (especially near the top of the hierarchy) can disable animation entirely.

Oh I absolutely did not think about that. I’ll have to check on that when I get home and report on it.

But to answer your question I’m only using a model, no tail. I am however using it with my plethora of other models so I will definitely bring it out onto its own stand alone hak until I figure out the exact issue.

Oh I’m also using e.e Neverwinter but from what I’ve seen that hardly effects custom creature modeling. I also use gmax which I know,! It’s not ideal for custom creatures but im more familiar with it’s interface.

Post the appearance.2da line as well as the mdl file so I can take a look at it. I have a suspicion what might be wrong.

Hey that actually worked! so i think i knew what you are trying to say.

i had a look at the appearance 2da myself and figured if that didnt work then what the heck! ill post it up for you to look at.

I reworked the race model to match up with the name of the model, so the name and race are now on the same line as the .mdl, and it walks around just great now!

I will, however, remain unresolved in this first success. If i cant for any reason get it to work with my main content, I’ll happily upload the file here for anyone to pry their sprockets and throw monkey wrenches at.

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alright, thanks GOG and Proleric for where to look. it seems i missed on putting the .mdl file for both race and the name. Now I can unleash unrelenting Iron and Steam Support for the lads on the frontline.

Alot of inspiration came from an RTS and board game called Iron Harvest. With this finished I’m already holding a meeting with my brightest engineers in considering more variants, but im entirely unsure how to proceed on that!