[SOLVED!] Giving some height to my planes Woes

So I know how to adjust npc height in-toolset and after playing around i found the “OBJECT_VISUAL_TRANSFORM_TRANSLATE_Z” Constant so i figured id give it a shot and made this script

void main()


did i do this right? I placed it on the npc’s Onspawn event and it still does not adjust its height. I’m going to guess this may not be the right way or thing i would need to adjust their height in-game.

my only other option, if this doesnt work, is to try and physically adjust the npc planes height in a 3d model program to give it the height i really want.

Not sure why you want it that high… :smiley:

`I have set it to 5… at the moment to help you test it… so… just put this line of code in the onSpawn.

we need to know who is the target so… if its only him self… OBJECT_SELF will work.


Good Luck


They’re planes that fly in the sky, they’re supposed to be high. it will also compliment the camera height script i have in place but yeah awesome, thanks! thats probably what i was missing. Once i get it to work ill show everyone what i am doing of course.

adjusted height to about 7.5 close to 8 added camera height to adjust and voila! I may actually bring it back up to 10 but i figured id give the PC that option where 5 would be the low and 10 being the highest elevation.

There was an odd issue with the camera clipping the tiny models while the larger zeppelin (not pictured) has no issues being seen at its much higher elevation, but then again its really minor and the idea is to want the PC to look down at the ground as they “fly” around the map. No clipping issues were noted that way.

anyways i said id show it and here it is, and thanks for the help!


awesome  :)

Just a little reminder - SetObjectVisualTransform() does exactly what it says on the tin. It performs a transform on the visuals of an object. Other than that it does not alter the model at all. So with placeable aircraft you will not be able to walk directly under them as the pwk is still on the ground.

Quick little test to prove this. Create a 4x4 castle interior area. Place a large bookcase away from the walls. Use SetObjectVisualTransform() to apparently move the bookcase still keeping away from the walls but in a completely different location. Save and test the area in game. Your PC will be able to walk through the bookcase that you can see but not the place where you placed the bookcase originally.


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Most models i use dont have pwk’s and that’s done intentionally here. Much of this “battle map” as I come to call it is quite busy with placeable details and I’ve removed as many of the pwk’s so the planes will simply ghost thru them all.

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So far this part of the server has been alot of fun to design. I can only think of d20 modern good vs evil edition as the only other similarity to this. So far I’ve already made a slew of obstacles the player will have to contend with from floating wizard towers to mad geniuses shooting heat Ray’s at you.

You’re Welcome, I am glad it worked as intended for you.

anyway when I read the title of the topic it gave me the impression that you were dealing with higher beings like (GODS)… so the word Planes…

came to me as:

  • Higher Plane’s
  • God Plane’s
  • Celestial Plane’s

but did not occur to me… you meant flying planes aircraft.

but anyway… Good Work… on what ever you are doing.

All the best


PS. thanks for the showcase of the picture.

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Thanks for posting that picture - I reminds me of many hours spent playing with “Stunt Island”. It also makes me want to finally buy EE. I’ve been dragging my feet upgrading because I have been happy with my old diamond installation.

That reminds me I may as well post up an update. I know I dont really post alot on here, im always doing that on my website and literally talk about everything that I’m doing over there from what I’m doing to plans and content updates.

I do tid bits over here of big content updates like this one with this updated content:

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@Mannast I’ve got quite alot going on with this project, glad you like it! ive been at this for almost 4 years now (since 2017) so theres certainly alot going for it.

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