(solved) How to get rid of this @!&%! cauldron

In the City interior is a tile-group - a wizards dwelling 2x2 - which actually fits to my needs … if there weren’t this cauldron dominating the room. How do I get rid of it?

I aleady tossed out the telescope and the globe, but if I just carve out the cauldron from the tiles (with a text editor), then there will be a big black hole in the center of the room.

It’s just not a matter of deleting some nodes, other nodes needs to be adjusted to the new environment, and this is maybe a bit too difficult with just a text editor. On the other hand 3ds max is a bit too expensivie for me to do just that.

However, by now I’ve no idea if there is some 3d modellung software I could use to delete some nodes from the tiles and ajust some other nodes.

A description of the syntax of a ascii-mdl file would be very helpful, maybe I get the job done with just a bit more understanding what is written there.

You need to remodel the tile in 3dsmax or blender *with NWMax. I learned to work with gmax but there is a problem with retexturing objects. So if I would want to do this in gMax I could delete the cauldron, fix the ground and walkmesh under it, but the texture of the floor would get borked.

On the other hand, I was not able to get NWMax to work with never version of the 3dsmax (and getting version for which it was created seems impossible) and blender is completely different and I gave up.

Perhaps it was done here?

Worth checking?

@ Proleric: Of course, it’s worth to check this out. I’ll do that at once!

@Shadooow: I thought of using a 3d software. What is blender? (yes, I’ll google it at once …). On the other hand, much can be done just with the text-Files. I already carved out the caravan wagon from a tile just with the text editor (and excel :slight_smile: )

What I need is to get a understanding of the syntax of this text-files. I guess, “verts” are just points given by x, y and z coordinate. what the hell are “tverts”? and “faces”? and how do these rows depend on each other … ?


Please let me know if this tileset has the ground texture fixed or not. Because the PW I am working on is using haks like this (don’t know if it is the same one) and the ground texture is borked.

I’ll check out the tileset and tell you.

I started with notepad editing as well. But it took me hours to do edits I wanted. Just to find the object I wanted to delete was super time consuming (Later I found out nwnexplorer allows to show objects in tile one by one btw - can be useful).

But you really cannot do anything else than reskin of removal of some objects, at very best adding ceilings from allready existing source.

I learned 3D modelling to fix visible gaps between polygons, to fix walkmesh which is especially problemaitic with object removals (you can remove cauldron but the area under it won’t be walkable anyway) etc. It is not that hard, I started with gMax (which is a free “copy” of 3dsMax) + NWMax and was able to learn it alone just by trying + watching some guides on youtube.

Blender is a new type of free 3D modelling software which however isn’t using the typical 3dsmax GUI and workflow. For me it was too hard to learn so I sticked with simple old gMax…

Yup, I used nwnexplorer quite a lot, just to find the nodes. And a small hole in the gound could be covered wit a carpet … I’ll check out blender tomorrow.


Try these: https://www.dropbox.com/s/395bv3u5scor5a0/BioTiles.7z?dl=0

Hello Zwerkules

for me, its absolutely perfect, thanks. I just need to carve out the telescope and the globe. (i already did this before with the original files.).

Btw. The files are not longer compatible with NWN viewer, but NWN itself seems to have no problems.

thanks again.

@All I’m still interrested in the fileformat of mdl-ascii.

I have no idea what NWN viewer you refer to. There was a tool by that name that is almost as old as the game itself. If you are still using that, you should switch to NWNexplorer.
If you were talking about NWNexplorer, I have no idea what is going on, because I had a quick look at the files in NWNexplorer after I exported them and they were fine.

Yes, Nwn viewer is a tool from the stoneage, but it does one thing, nwn-explorer does not (afaik): it highlights single nodes. And of course the files are ok.

Hello Shadoow,

the tileset proleric refers to are only 8 tiles of city interion, which might be useful at times. The floor texture looks normal. Maybe you’ve just a problem with the tverts.

maybe this page would be helpful ?

This is exaxctly what I was looking for.
Should be enough information to mess around with a *wlk

Thanks !!!