(Solved) ITP - Files


how can I extract the original *.itp files from the 1.69 version. File-Explorer seams not to “see” them.

If you want the base unconverted itp files, you should be able to pull them from the temp0 folder while the module is open in the toolset. You call also use a tool like nasher to extract them and convert them to text.

Thanks for the quick answer. I see I should have been more specific. I’m speaking of the ITP from tilesets, which are not in temp0.

I finally found them, they are not in the tileset *.bif. There is a separate bif “Template”

Ha, my bad. I’ve got resources on the brain, so I saw utp, not itp. Glad you found em.

@Mmat You do realise that rolo already extracted the 1.69 assets (including the 68 itp files) for this project back in 2014 don’t you. So unless BD changed what you are looking for you don’t need to do the extracting yourself.


I thought, that this could be the case, but sometimes it not too easy to find something. The search result for “itp” has ten pages …