[solved] Looking for a placeable: Checkers/Draughts-piece

Is there anywhere a 3d-modell placeable of a Checkers/Draughts-piece in the the vault? Or something similar which could be converted (by resizing/reskinning). Preferred size: Diameter 0,9 to 1 unit.

The second placeable I’m looking for is a small tetrahedron-shaped pyramid (or in other words: shaped like a d4 :slight_smile: ), but this has no high priority.

Don’t know about the Checkers/Draughts-piece but ages ago I posted some shapes I got with MilkShape as *.blend files. They’ll need both resizing and texturing though. Here are a pair of pyramid models in blend format -

xtra_primitives.7z (78.5 KB)

You probably want the Pyramid3, from your description but just to be on the safe side I included Pyramid4 as well.

Hope that helps.


Sorry. I hoped I could export it with Blender into a model, but nothing happens if I try. I’ve no idea what to do with blender but meanwhile I could fix some things with a simple texteditor :slight_smile:

Here it is exported. You will need to resize it, retexture it and add a pwk to it.

pyramid3.7z (565 Bytes)


Here it is exported. You will need to resize it, retexture it and add a pwk to it.

My thanks.

Found the cheese-wheel in Project Q. Scaled them up by 2.5 and reskinned them. Now they can be used as checkers-pieces …

Thanks again. That is what I made of it (without any 3d-tools). Maybe you want to have it.

tetrahedron.zip (2.9 KB)

Do you want a pwk for it or is it good to go? In case you do, here is a modified version that has hit-nodes (can now be made useable) and a pwk.

pyramid3.7z (724 Bytes)


Thanks. The pyramids will be used as dice, so no special required. However I’ll have a look on the hitnodes. One can’t learn enough.

Now I need numbers on a pressure plate or something like this. Cep has the whole alphabet, but not a single number. Probably I’ll create them by myself.

Have a look at the runestones I made for the

Custom Content Challenge August 2013: Vikings, Celts, and Norsemen

If you look in the sources package you might find what you are after. If not, I do have blank stone images that you can edit your numbers onto.


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Forgot to mention there are a selection of numbers in Roman Numerals in my

TR’s Custom Shield Designs.

Hope that helps.


Thanks. It would, but the Romans don’t have a zero. I’ll make some by myself …

All you ever wanted to know (and then some) about zero but were afraid to ask! (wikipedia)



Maybe I’ll send the Wiki to the Romans, so that they can add a zero to their numerals.