[Solved] Looking for a placeable model: A Ring


I’m looking for a placeable ring. Yup, that would be a very small placeable, even a bit smaller than Crap’s gold coin.

I already searched the usual suspects (CEP, Project Q, Witchers placeables) and found nothing.

Is there anywhere a model?

Second thought: Maybe there is somewhere an item model, which can be converted into a placeable.

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I could make you one. I just need to know if you have any other hak paks with the module you intend to use this with as a placeable requires use of a placeable.2DA, and if any other hak pak files have a placeable.2DA, unless I have the proper placeable.2DA that will overwrite all the rest, the model may not show up in game or in the toolset properly, or it may overwrite other files you may not wish it to.

So like say, if you use CEP, what is the version you use? is it the newest 2.67 version? or what version if not?

If only using vanilla NWN:EE, then I just need to edit the original from the game, add a line for the Ring model and what it will be named in the toolset/game, and then I can pack that .2DA with the modle file, texture files, etc into a hak pak, and send it your way.

So I’m guessing the ring size would have to be really tiny? If so, if you could take a screen shot of in game with your character, zoom in, take a shot of the screen, then in paint or photoshop, circle an area on the ground with a circle or something, to kind of show the size you want the model to be. I already have a properly scaled NWN:EE player scale template in 3DS Max I can use so it will be easy to model, size, and export.

I just ask to be patient, as I may not be able to do it right away, but I will keep you updated. Would you want PBR textures too? normal maps, specular, etc?


thanks. If you like, make a golden ring. I need just a *.mdl file (there is no walkmesh needed on such a small object). And make a 1.69 compatible model please.

To put the mdl into a hack and ammend the placeables.2da accordingly is no problem for me.

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Alright, can do. The mdl should be compatible with all versions. At least, from my understanding. I’ll let you know when it is done, take screenshots to see what you think.

@wraithdesignz When you’ve done that ring, would you perhaps to modify it to enlarge the overall diameter of it while increasing the thickness by less. I was thinking it would make a nice placeable hoop for the March CCC. Just a thought.


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How about the item model doa_ring included here (I think it’s included in CEP as well)? You could just add it to your placeable.2da.


Ok, so you just need a hoop? I can just make a entirely new model for that. Would be easier. I got no issue adding details or PBR if you need it. How big do you want the hoop Vs. characters, or say, even character races? Orc obviously being the biggest in the vanilla. It will help me get an idea of scale. :slight_smile:

Waist height to a human child please.


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thanks. I didn’t know the collection so far. The ring fits perfectly to my needs. And there’s seemingly a lot of other useful stuff.

AFAIKS it’s not in CEP (or I’m blind as a mole). But I can change that, if we can get the permission.

The matter with the ring is solved. Leaves the hoop. Should be a childs toy (diameter 50-60cm?) with a wooden texture.

Thanks for your offer.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Ok, so is this like what Mmat said above? A wooden hoop for a child? Like a toy or something?

Yes. It would be to add to last month’s Custom Content Challenge - March 2022 : Kids.


Hi Mmat, I checked again and this pack is indeed already included in CEP2 (tested with v2.67). Just drop a ring item (or a key, thievestools, etc.) on the ground in the toolset and you’ll see it.

Edit: btw, in Project Q there is also an unused ring model which is bit more filigrane. You can find it in q_items.hak as it_ring.mdl.


well, I guess I know why I havn’t found it. Itemmodels will not appear in the 2da …

Thanks again