(solved) Looking for a visual effect


I tried to find the visual effect wich appears, when something is hit by the incinerate spell. (Level 2 Wizard)
It’s a high column of flame which shots up from the ground and has a duration of approx 1 sec.

The effect is then followed by VFX_DUR_INFERNO_CHEST or something similar. I seached the whole lexicon, but no avail …

Does anybody know the constant of this effect?

As far as I can see, NWN1 doesn’t have a spell called Incinerate.

There is a level 2 Wizard spell called Combust, though.

A general method for discovering spell VFX constants is to find the spell in spells.2da to identify the spell script, then open the script to see what it uses.


Sorry for the bad translation of “entzünden”.

It’s not a own effect. It uses just TLVFXPillar to tweak VFX_IMP_FLAME_M.

Problem solved

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