(Solved) Looking for modules with perfoming Bards


I’m searching modules, where Bards perfoming a song or a tale (with text, not animation only!). I know there are lot’s of them, but I can’t recall everything …

Modules pilfered so far:
A Dance with rogues (There are 4 songs, wow!)
Rogues of Quinn (Part 2)
Salerons Gambit 2 (Limericks)
Bard Song

Can you point out other modules with songs?

Sanctum of the Archmage. The primary companion is a bard who does or can be asked to do this on several occasions. There’s some text but the focus is primarily musical, in that the performance changes the module soundtrack.

Also, “pilfered?”

My idea is to enrich a tavern with a performing bard. It would be quite booooring if he/she always plays the same song, so I gather together the songs form other modules (pilfering … :slight_smile: )

Thanks for mentioning Sanctum, but the contents of this module is not free, if I recall correctly.

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You should look into the NPC Project for IWD2. Not an NWN module, but the bard Salomeya has some of the best-written couplets & songs of a more cynical bent.

There’s also the sadly unfinished Bard Song series of modules here in the vault.

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Slightly not what you are asking for but did you know about this project of mine?


Found Salomeya ath a website glibberish (or something like that). Download fails 3 times, so I give up. Too bad.

“Bard Song” was an excellent tip, it’s obviously full of songs. There’s even this Henry VIII thingy (Greensleeves).


Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry, but I can’t know everything.

I’m not looking for a solution to script a perfomance. I’m looking for Songs (If possible genre-specific “Roleplaying adventure” and such … It should fit somehow in a tavern at the swordcoast)

Mmat: Thanks for clarifying your intent. I get the pilfering reference now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Given what you have in mind, the song snippets in Sanctum probably wouldn’t be suitable for your purpose. (Technically it’s only the story that’s protected, but since I’m the author that wouldn’t necessarily be an issue.)

Good point to start would be bard modules:

This had poetry:

If you can script or “pilfer” scripts like script rogue than maybe look on the web for medieval songs? Some would have music attached to it for double effect.
Bardcore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRIfsFefatg
Other games music: https://youtu.be/8rg2vkz72a8?list=RDax7PJGDNu60
Obviously that would require filtering through to accomodate to your modules setting.

PS: Also for the low price of your soul, I could send you a parody of “I believe I can fly” made into “I believe I can scry”. Unfortunately text only, but you could try to find the music without vocals for it? I wrote it for fun so many years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Little bit surprised that nobodies mentioned the Community Music Pack and the related CMP Jukebox but you probably knew about these anyway and were looking for something else. The CMP may well contain stuff of interest.


Hi, thanks for your pointers (Bardcore was nice!). And no, I wouldn’t sell my soul for it, it’s just a tiny project. But I would put it in. Maybe I’ll eventually publish the tavern as add-on for other modules. It will only have text, no music. I wonder if it’s possible to sync music with test in NWN …

Thanks to all for your pointers. By now I’ve enough stuff to grant a continous performance of at last 30 min. realtime. Most of it is from “Dance with rogues” and “Bard Song”. Together with a diligent waitress, the tavern feels really vivid.

I still have to check out the “five flagons”, which proves to be a bit difficult since some of the links to required haks are outdated (cmp & JenX2).

For now, I think my request is solved.

My thanks


cmp = Community Music Pack.

See my previous post for the link (and check out the other link for scripting ideas).


Those should do the trick:

I have updated those 2 broken links

Just in the interest of clarity, the Icewind Dale 2 NPC project is at a website called Gibberlings Three. It’s the name of a community that made mods for Baldur’s Gate and was named after a classic D&D monster.

And while I love the IWD2 NPC project to bits, I personally always found Salomeya the weakest part of it, and her songs rather poor. But then again, not all bards have to have the best lyrics all the time so perhaps that’s actually an advantage.

You could also try some of the tried and tested folk songs, like Tam Lin or Scarborough Fair or stuff like that. Or filk songs. As long as it’s not a for-profit module (and I don’t think that’s possible) the artists probably wouldn’t object. I find SJ Tucker’s lyrics particularly enchanting.

mmmh, Hina told me, that Solemya has some of the best songs (see above), you say they’re not. Maybe the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder …
But it’s of no use, as long as the server refuses to let me download it, I can’t have a look for myself.

It seams to be no problem to find traditional ballads. Scarborough Faire and Greensleeves are already built in. I found even some bawdy songs and 2 Pirate shantys.
I’m a bit short of ‘heroic’ ballads, songs of brave deeds and maybe epic battles.

However, thanks for your pointers.

Certainly not the beauty. They aren’t really bard songs, rather something Beaumarchais or Voltaire could have penned. I really liked Salomeya for presenting a completely different take on the bard, for what it’s worth. Not sure why you’re having trouble downloading. G3 works fine for me.