(solved) My horse doesn't talk to me!

After “purchasing” (uhm, actually stealing :slight_smile: ) a horse, any dialogue attached to the horse won’t show up anymore.

The Horse is marked as “<charater name>'s horse” and has no saddlebags. The dialogue should fire if the PC is not mounted (Horse is just in party or standing around)

I’m thinking about a familiar- / animal companion-style dialogue, but that seams not to work, the dialog doesn’t fire.

Seems to be a restriction of the engine. Is there any way to circumvent this?


I created a horse with a custom dialogue from the standard palette. Then I just added it to the custom-palette; this way the blue-print-name was changed.
Dismounting actually creates the creature completely new from the blueprint.

Afaik there is no conversation. Horses are controlled using the Horse Menu in class radial and additionally with a right-click on them when they are your henchmen (inventory namely).

You mean you added the horse your custom conversation and want it to be started when clicked on him?

If you stole it you are probably not set as the owner. I think it will only respond to the owner. But it’s been a while since I looked at horses.

The horse system is pretty much entirely done by scripting. There is no horse specific engine involvement.

Correct, BUT…Heavy Warhorses with saddlebags reference x3_dlg_saddlebag.dlg. The OP noted that the horse had no saddlebags so it shouldn’t have a conversation afaik.

All the horses have this conversation actually. But if you open it in toolset you will see the conversation has this line:

“NOTE: This text is never displayed - this dialog is needed simply for the Text Appears When script that fires. Text was not used to avoid the need for adding more localization issues into the patch…”

ie. no conversation, that is just some weird workaround to trigger script when talked to (which can be done in OnDialogue event so I don’t see the point of this…)

TY - didn’t know that as I never opened the dlg file myself. Learn something new everyday.

Hello, thanks for your answers!

I see, I need to clearifiy sone things:

  • Yes the horse is stolen, since it’s a rogue module :slight_smile: Of course I made sure, that the “owner flag” is removed. The PC is now owner of the horse, which is shown by hovering with the mouse over it.
  • I made a custom dialogue which is attached to the horse and enables to steal it (and removes the owner flag). Works fine. After stealing it, I have full access via radial manu.
  • The dialogue has some lines which would work on a henchman. But not on the horse. After “acquiring” it, the dialog never shows up again, even if I abandon the horse completely. Thats my problem. The engine somehow supresses any dialog on owned horses.
  • I’m fully aware that there is a one-liner from bio which is used to open the saddlebags. I don’t need saddlebags.

Your horse needs to be created from a custom template which includes your conversation.

Otherwise, on dismounting, your horse will be recreated from the standard template, with the default horse conversation that suppresses dialogue.

Does your horse has no conversation after you take ownership but before you mount?

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I’ll check that out immediately. And the act of mounjting it the first time will actually create the ownership. I remove only the “no owner” variable within the dialogue.

BTW stealing horse is very easy to do in vanilla - you can mount an another player’s horse without an issue. Certain unofficial patch fixed this though.

@ shadooow
Yeah, right, but that is boring. The PC should get the right idea, how to get the horse under control …
So the horse has initially the “owner flag”

What I meant is that you might want this to get patched up if you want to add a much harder way to steal them.

Setting X3_HORSE_NOT_RIDEABLE_OWNER on a horse prevents theft.

Yup, that’s the “owner flag” I talked about.