(solved) Need a 3d-modelling expert - barbaric north


I want to use the “barbaric north” tileset, but a major problem of this tileset is, that there is no regular cave/mine entry.

So I thought, that it would be nice to have a placeable - just a “tube” which could be placed somewhere into the rockface. With a text editor I carved out the only existing caveentry of this tileset (which is useless for my needs) - see attachment.
caveenty.zip (194.1 KB)

It doesnt look well. I’m especially unhappy with the entrybase04 node, which needs to be much deeper at the base and much smaller on top. The lack of “flesh” on the left side isn’t good too.

I think, an experienced 3d-modelling expert could fix this in no time (correct me if I’m wrong). I kindly ask if somebody is willing to help me out and do some filxes.

Too bad, now I’m somewhat stuck …

@wraithdesignz: Thanks for answering. You don’t need to to develop everything from scratch. There is a zip in my first post, which already contains the placeable. All what is needed is to alter it a bit.

The placeable has actually only three nodes: the surrounding, the entrance (“entrybase04” - actually a black hole) and the floor. The entrance “entrybase04” is my problem, it should fit into the the surrounding perfectly; by now it doesn’t. On top, it judges out of the placeable. Please have a look on what I already have and you’ll understand.
Another problem is the left side of the surrounding, it’s a bit short.

No walkmesh needed, there will be an area-transition.

The tileset is Barbaric North, but you don’t need it, the textures are already in the package.

Mmmm, no futher Message sice a week. I guess he will not do it. Anyone else maybe?

The caveentry-placeable (see Zip in first post):
From this point of view, it looks acceptable.

Looking from the sede, one can see that the black area juts out - that should be corrected.

Looking from the other side, it can be seen that the “wall” is a bit short. It should be possible to make it a bit longer.

Is there really nobody who could do this corrections for me?

I’m not a modeller but, you could look in Merricksdad Windspear Hills placeables. In the rocks sections there is a cave en trance you can simply reskin.

Perhaps that may help.


I don’t want to get carried away so I won’t touch the Barbaric North tileset. As nice as the palisades and the buildings are, I know if I’d work on those cliffs/mountains, there’d just be too much that needed attention in my opinion. If you just want that placeable fixed, sent me a PM and I can do that.

I turned your cave entrance which was still classified as a tile and had no pwk into a real placeable name plc_cav01. You have to use that model name in your placables.2da instead of caveentry and also change the sound column from **** to 26 so in case the placeable isn’t set to static and gets attacked it uses the proper rock sound. Wish you were an discord or somewhere were I could just post such a small file instead of having to do whatever it is I have to do to post files in this forum. Maybe I should just give the file to someone on Discord and copy the link. :stuck_out_tongue:

6 hours thinking “that would be awesome”…

Others.7z (5.4 KB)
Looks like drag and drop works.

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Thanks alot, but I’m not on discord, I’m more the harmony type :wink:
I got the file.

Thanks for halping me out

Na, but maybe there were eventually some more buildings on “early winter”.

I’m pretty sure it’s mentioned on the download page of Early Winter :wink: