(solved) Need Help with SoZ corrupted module

Hi, I was playing SoZ again and I noticed that something strange happened to the courtyard area of the crossroads fortress. Some placeable and transition areas have been deleted. I don’t know how this happened, as the file doesn’t even show any save signs.
Could someone kindly zip me and hand me the file of the module in question?
I don’t want to reinstall the whole game with the three expansions and their patches to fix this problem. ç__ç

I would need the form M_X2.mod, if someone sent me a copy of his, I would be infinitely grateful.

You can find the mod in the installation directory, you could copy that to the module folder of My Documents, modify it and then copy it back to the original location.

There is also a way to enable the editing of the the default modules, but I forgot what it is, it must have something to do with the .ini files or the toolset optioons.

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It is exactly that in the installation directory the damaged module, I don’t know why some pieces have been deleted from some areas contained in it.
Sometimes I open the original campaign modules with the toolset, but it seems strange to me to have edited and saved them.
I have no way to get that module out of the installation DVDs without having to reinstall everything.
That’s why I need a copy of that module from someone who has the game installed.

in what way is it damaged? it doesn’t work at all or some placeables are missing? the latter seems to be something you could fix yourself if you could open it from the toolset.
You mentioned only some placeable missing from an area in the opening post.
Making the copy of the damaged module still allows you to fix it.

In alternative you could make a second installation of NWN2 in another directory and then copy the module file from there.

@Sean_Maxhell reminder to turn autosave off in toolset options

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I could actually fix the module myself.
What’s ruined in the courtyard area of the crossroads fortress, is the exit transition that takes you back to the world map.
But I don’t know how to reconstruct the transition area, I don’t know how to reconnect with the other module, because the transition area connects with another module, and not with a waypoint in the same module.
Besides, I don’t know if there were any other script related to the plot in this transition, other than just bringing the characters to the other side.
If you don’t feel like sending me the whole .mod file, couldn’t you at least extract the area with the toolset in an .erf?
I don’t understand what it costs you.
In the toolset I don’t think I’ve ever had the autosave function activated.

I can’t do it because I don’t have the game installed anymore, I lost my Windows desktop and now I’m left with a linux laptop (that can’t even run the game because of the lack of a proper graphic card)

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it comes activated by default. So a better question have you turned it off ?

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I’ll be returning home after a long absence. I’ll pm ya within 48 hours to help you with what you’ve requested.



PM Sent.

OK, 4 hours. I don’t like things hanging over my head.

Good Luck


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Really really Thanks to Axe Edge, he save my free time.