[solved] NWN no longer available? -- yes it still is

a friend wanted to join the pw i run and came back w/the info that nwn is no longer available on gog or steam, and it’s exorbitantly expensive on amazon and ebay. apparently, the only version that’s now being distributed is nwn:ee ? could this be true ?

if not, does anyone know where a new player could buy the [standard] nwn 1 ?

This is true nwn diamond is no longer available as mods etc are fully compatible.

So you can, with nwn:EE, play every old module but if you want to play with your friends who have the old nwn version, they need to upgrade.
You cann view this as some kind of an expansion you have to purchase.

NWN:EE will get severall big updated in the future though so I’d suggest grab this one.
So upgrading your PW is the future and you should consider it at some point.
As you see, you can’t really find new players for the old game.

I don’t know for sure but I can see why that might make sense. A quick check on those sites suggests that might be true.

I’m not a PW person ( yet!) so I’m asking just for interest sake - are you sure EE won’t work on your PW? I’ve got EE and ( so far) it has worked on every old single player module I’ve tried.

I received NWN 1 Diamond edition when I bought NWN EE from GOG earlier this year. It is true you can no longer buy it separately, but you get it for free when you buy EE. At least that is how I got it.


but it isn’t an expansion, as you yourself pointed out in an earlier post ; it’s a different beast. the architectures are different, and the requirements are different. this is highly problematic in my case. it’s perfectly understandable for players who want to solo old modules, but for someone who wants to play on a gameworld that’s already been heavily developed along other lines, this becomes painful. a friend and i have developed our pw based on standard nwn, running on an nwnx heavily extended by hundreds of hours of programming in order to support additional game bahaviours in combat, effects/spells handling, and terrain recognition. since beamdog have apparently brought onboard a few of the key developers of nwnx and incorporated nwnx into nwn:ee in their own way, i’m dreading the idea of having to retrofit the backing code we’ve already developed so it’ll work w/:ee. now, if nwn:ee clients were compatible w/the std nwn server, that’d be a different story, but beamdog have already said that they’ve modified the network client-server protocols used in their version of the game, so i’m assuming that a std-serveree-client model won’t work, in the same way that an ee-serverstd-client model won’t. [if my assumption is wrong, the world will definitely be one xorbaxian happier. :wink: ]

EDIT : i suppose if worse comes to worst, i’ll just send him one of my copies.

Yes i know it isn’t an expansion.
I meant it in terms of purchasing! You’re fully right though.

In terms of NWNX, the new nwnx can do pretty much all of the stuff (minus some very few things, and more!) But it is now structured differently and naturally.

Of course it means you have to rebuild a lot of stuff and scripts. It is a painfull thing to do, but it is an investment into teh future.

NWN :EE will sooner or later succeed the old one. Especially after the new renderer and 64bit core.
Only a matter of time.
I am onfident. Better you start now migrating, than later.

View it as a chance. A new fully functional and included server list is a big plus.
It also is an opportunity to opimize and change things.

In terms of beamdog:

I might be biased here but I’d rather have them develop new stuff, better graphics, performence, features and functions, than spending months over months to make it possible for thsose 4-5 PWs that are still left, to migrate with no afford.

I am a bit egocentered here maybe.

I’m pretty sure that what Greenman said is true. If you buy NWN:EE on GoG it includes NWN Diamond. This is not the case for Steam or at least wasn’t the case, it might have changed now.
I just checked. This is what it says on GoG: Neverwinter Nights : Enhanced Edition includes the unaltered original version of Neverwinter Nights Diamond (The original version will be automatically added)
It costs $19.99.


ah,thanks all. that’s reassuring. :slight_smile:
don’t know how i missed that, obviously the old eyes aren’t what they used to be. so actually this is a humongous ‘non-issue’ lol
cheers for setting me straight.

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FWIW NwN EE is part of this week’s weekly sale over on GOG and is 60% off.



It’s 70% off right now!

We get both games!