[Solved] Tilesets and Terrain Types


in the toolset one can select a tile of a specific terrain and add it to an area, Let’s say the selected terrain type is “forest”, how does the engine know, that the [tile4711] is of this terrain type and can be placed?

It works, but why?

I don’t see any reference in the *.set file from the basic terrain type to the tiles. The description of a tile in the *.set file seemingly doesn’t have an attribute which refers to a terrain type.

Where is the connection between basic terrains and tiles?

You can review the fields here: SET - Neverwinter Nights 1: EE - nwn.wiki

Terrain looks to be defined with the [TERRAIN0] header(s).

I’m no expert, but the logical connection between tile and terrain is defined for each tile corner - in the above example


which determines which tiles can be placed next to one another.

The headings you see in the toolset (e.g. City, Grass etc) for Features and Groups are defined separately in the .itp palette by reference to the tiles / groups in the .set file.

I already read it. But I don’t see an answer to my question.

Uhm, the connection describes the tile which can be at the corner?

Well I have a area of “grass”. Now I want to place a forest tile. The forest tile has “TopLeft=Grass”. Why does the engine place a forst tile instead of a “sand” or “water”-tile. Of course there are “sand” and “water” - tiles, which have “TopLeft=Grass”.

The *.itp-palette only refers to the basic terrain type. This is a bit diferent of the itp for tilegroups.

It turns out, that the Terrain-Type of a tile is given by the top/bottom left/right parameters, which also defines the terrain-type of adjacent tiles. Actually there most commonly is more the one terrain type on a tile. If you place a tile of a specific Terrain Type, then actually 4 tiles are changed.

This is a bit tricky and should be better explained by an expert.

Case closed.